ham and cheese omelet sticks

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Flatout sent us product and a gift card to facilitate this post.
We absolutely love ham and cheese omelet sticks !  This ham and cheese omelet sticks recipe is super simple and delicious
ham and cheese omelet sticks

One of our favorite meals in this house is breakfast.  Eggs and toast are a huge hit too!  I’m always looking for ways to use less carbs and try to be more health concious and then I found out about Flatout! they’re now available at Sam’s Clubs! I love going to big store and getting bulk and great prices! Flatout is like a flat bread and it really makes the perfect sandwich!  I love their rosemary and olive oil for sandwiches and their traditional ones are perfect for egg “pizza”

We love to cook up a big skillet of eggs and just layer them on the flat bread!  Sprinkle a little cheese and then some parsley and it’s good eats!  Plus we still get our eggs and toast!  Just much less carbs and still lots of healthy fiber and wheat!  Sweet Baby will soon be eating eggs and I hope she passes them with her FPIES as she’ll love making these with me! They’re super kid friendly!

we love ham and cheese omelet sticks!

Flatout sent her a little apron and she loves it! It’s actually her first apron  We even have a plain one for her to color!  Mommy gets one too!  We really enjoy Flatout and wish we tried them sooner!


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