FPIES Food Trials

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Just a few weeks ago we got our FPIES diagnosis.  Since then we’ve tried a few foods for baby that we think are safe foods.  At first we had some issues with the food looking the same when it passed through.. I don’t mind her eating pieces of things, however if it’s something we’re trialing I rather her have it smooth and easy on her stomach. 

I was pureeing it all and she really DIDN’T like it at all.  I can’t blame her.  Then I had an idea of making popsicles, but then we weren’t eating enough to trial.  A few months ago we were given the Vitamix for review to create some baby food recipes.. since then we’ve found out our diagnosis of FPIES so who knew I’d be making allergy friendly recipes?  No gluten, no protein, and no grains?!   

One day I’ll be able to add those items to her diet God willing, but right now we’re focused on get her the most nutrition.  This past week we started trialing Carrots.  She wanted nothing to do with them pureed or boiled and actually enjoys them in her smoothies!   The Vitamix literally breaks down the carrot with just a little water and creates a steamy puree which I can add some frozen berries and banana creating a smoothie for baby.

As soon as I turn on the Vitamix she squeals with excitement.  Who could blame her?  Sweet Baby loves to eat and enjoys her smoothies more than ever! 

So far we’ve added Banana, Blueberries, Broccoli, Strawberries, Raspberries, and now Carrots to her diet.  We have a few foods that we think are safe to try before our next appointment.  I’m also working on a way to make her birthday cake.. She’ll be a year old in July.. SERIOUSLY?!  where did the time go!


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