Eating Mango with our Nuby Nibbler

Posted by Courtney Lopez on

So we just recently tried the Nibbler that Nuby sent for Sweet Baby to try out.  

Nuby Nibbler
First off, food is still weird.. and still not appetizing..  No matter how I make it she makes a face at it all.  She finally has started to like eating bananas only when she eats from mommy’s.  I placed it on her tray and she wanted nothing to do with it.  What I like about the mesh feeder is even though she doesn’t like food right now I can still get her to taste chunks of things without choking.  
Nuby Nibblerof course it’s still fun to eat the food plain so baby can feel the real texture in their mouth and chew
There’s a lot of foods to rule out allergies and you have to wait 3-4 days to try a new one so this has been extremely helpful especially when making food for her can be wasteful if I make a lot.  This way I just make a little and stuff it in there.  We purchase all organic fruits and vegetables for our family too.  
I’m happy to say we’re finally eating some foods though.. she really loves the banana like I stated.. and will take about 3-4 bites of peas.. progress right?  I’m anxious to try blueberries in the nibbler.  How great would that be?  Those can be pretty messy!!

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