Don’t Bully My Baby | Stop Bullying Before It Starts

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Kay loves to go to the park.

We love to take her almost every day, as long as the sun is shining.   We’ve been going to our local park for awhile now and most of the time we’re the only ones there.  Lately the weather has been a bit warmer so more families are coming to the park, hooray for outside play!

don't bully my baby

Kay runs around, climbs all around, and loves to go on the slides!  Her favorite thing is the slide and she probably goes on the slide the majority of the time we’re at the park.  On a recent visit she was heading towards the slide she loves and a child said “Eww, looks it’s a baby!” right in front of his mother.   How would you react if your child spoke that way to another child, even if she is just a baby?  Granted and thankfully my daughter doesn’t understand  or care about what he said, YET.  When did this behavior become okay?  Why didn’t this mother say anything to her child?  

don't bully my baby courtneyssweets

don’t bully my baby | stop bullying before it starts

My daughter will be taught love, self love and to love others.  This world needs more love, and less hate. 

While sometimes this is considered normal for kids to act this way,  we have to make sure as parents we teach them how to treat others.  Bullying is not okay.

Sometimes I think I worry even more due to Kay having food allergies. FPIES is a very rare allergy and while I hope she grows out of it soon she may not ever.

 Kids with food allergies are being bullied even put in danger because of their food allergies.  It’s our job to raise our children to love everyone. WE have the power to end bullying.

This isn’t funny, and it needs to be STOPPED.

My friend Kristin over at Our Ordinary Life had spoke about something like this earlier and it just reminded me about our time at the park.  I go to the park with my daughter to create beautiful memories and it stinks that I’ll have this one bad memory, but trust me I will never let her feel that she is any less.   I will do my best to make sure she feels like she’s important, because SHE IS!  I just never knew bullying (even if you don’t consider it so) started so early.   


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