Banana Ice Cream | recipe + review

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banana ice cream

One of Sweet Baby’s first safe foods with her FPIES was Bananas.  Just recently we’ve been adding more and more to her SAFE food list!  One of her favorites has been Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips they’re Gluten, Dairy, Nut & Soy Free!  Since we received the  Nostalgia Electrics  Fro-Frutti Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker we’ve been making lots of “ice cream” with frozen fruits.  I think the Fro-Frutti review has been the tastiest review Sweet Baby has every done!  I can literally freeze any fruit and turn it into a frozen treat for her.  Many of her safe foods are berries and they come out pretty well too!
fro frutti

People make banana “ice cream” in blenders and even food processors but I find using the Fro Frutti much easier, and of course more fun!  Whenever baby hears it turn on she gets pretty excited – and what’s even better it’s all healthy.   We only use organic produce – fruits and vegetables that have less pesticides and much safer for my daughter to consume.  Even thought they’re organic we still use a fruit and veggie wash to wash away any pesticides or dirt. (even organic has pesticides, just less harmful chemicals)  


peeking out the weindow

Whenever I do take pictures of food I always use a little step stool to do them – after taking pictures Sweet Baby thought she’d hop on the stool and peek out the window.  Time to move that stool to a safer spot

I just hand wash it right after use and we use it a few times a week!  I also found it was easy to trial foods using the Fro-Frutti.  It blended the fruit into an almost baby food texture with no chunks!  Sweet Baby’s favorite is Banana Ice Cream with Mini Chocolate Chips – I like it with strawberries

the sweet:

  • easy to use
  • creates healthy “ice cream”
  • encourages healthy eating/snacking

the not so sweet:

  • sometimes we have an issue taking the unit apart to clean

Banana Ice Cream | recipe + review

Turn frozen bananas into a sweet treat easily with the fro frutti

  • 10 bananas (frozen)
  1. Put the frozen bananas into the fro frutti’s tube – with the plunger push the bananas down and enjoy the fruits of your labor!



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