4 Videos Moms Should Watch Right Now (For a Better Home and Life)

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4 Videos Moms Should Watch Right Now (For a Better Home and Life)

I have a confession to make:

Before I started blogging and freelance writing I spent my time watching YouTube videos. Yes, I was oh so productive when my twins were napping.

But, I was glued to the laptop watching mom vlogs. It was like this new world of moms who had videos about organizing, cooking, DIY and more.

And since I wasn’t even thinking about having a mom blog or even trying to make money, I was happy to watch these videos and learn from other moms.

Because isn’t that what we’re all doing? Learning to have a better business, blog, home and life?

You want the best tips to grow your blog or the best tips to be more productive and YouTube mamas can totally help you out.

Before I was a Mompreneur

Life before being a mompreneur was totally different. I was – and still am – a stay-at-home mom and while my house was probably more cleaner during that time, I wasn’t completely fulfilled.

I knew I didn’t want to go back to work because I really wanted to stay home and well, daycare is uber expensive for twins (there are no twofer deals!).

But, at the same time, I knew I didn’t want my entire existence devoted to cleaning up messes, changing diapers and playing blocks all day.

I needed more. And these YouTube moms really helped me fulfill my creativity during the time before I started freelancing writing and making money online.

In particular, there are two YouTube moms I really resonated with. The first is Cas from Clutterbug. I have no idea how I found out about her, but the fact that she’s in Canada (and so am I) instantly made me like her.

Oh, and the fact that she makes me laugh a whole hella lot is another reason!

While her YouTube channel is focused on organizing tips, she does have great videos on play, crafts, cooking and day-in-the-life videos. Her blog is the same and she also has podcasts too that are worth a listen.

Check out these two videos that I absolutely love. The first is a video on five laundry hacks! Genius! Anything to make laundry go faster.

The second video is a day-in-the-life and I heart it soo much! You have to watch it.


The second set of videos are from Kathryn of Do It on a Dime. She also has a blog too! She has the BEST videos on hacks and doing it on a budget too. She recently had a baby and she’s still pumping out videos on both her channels! You go mama!

The first video about being more productive spoke to me when I recently caught up with these YouTube mamas after two years!

Since I’m also working from home and trying to grow this blog, I have very limited time. I love her approach to being more productive so be sure to check out her video if you want more tips on being productive.

Her second video is an awesome Pottery Barn hack that you can do with products form the Dollar Store. It’s awesome!

Do It on a Dime

We’re Moms First

For two years now I’ve been focused on digital marketing for my blogs and freelance writing. If the dishes didn’t get done right away, no big deal.

If the garden needed harvesting, it could wait another day. If my closet hasn’t been organized in years, what’s another six months?

These little things add up when you’re trying to grow your brand and blogging empire. That’s why it’s important to take that time and get back to being the mom that went to the craft store to decorate their living room. Or the mom that went to the library to pick up a trashy romance novel – not a business book – to read on the back deck during a nap time.

(Okay. Those aren’t really “mom” things, but you get the point, right?)

It’s okay to be both a mom and a mompreneur. Just remember the balance

Over to you – how do you balance being a mom and mompreneur? Oh, and do you follow any YouTube mamas? Share their channels in the comments.