14 Free eBooks to Grow Your Blog and Income

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14 Free eBooks to Grow Your Blog and Income

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for mom bloggers! Yay! I don’t know about you, but if there’s a free resource to help me grow my blog or traffic or income, I’m digging in that for sure! Ha..I love getting free stuff, even if it’s digital!!

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If you’re struggling trying to generate traffic to your blog or income from your blog, you’re not alone. A lot of bloggers are in the same boat. But, you know what? There are some great free eBooks that can totally help you mama!

Let’s check out some awesome free eBooks to help you grow your blog and income as a mom blogger!

1. Blog Monetization Workbook

This workbook from The Sweetest Digs will help you get those key questions you have about monetizing your blog and help you answer these so you can get started in each revenue stream.

2. 14 Days to a Better Blog

This eBook is from Helene in Between and it will help you create a blog you’ll be more excited to post on, as well as help you start a community. This will also help you get your blog looking great, in just 14 days.

3. How to Start and Grow Your YouTube Channel

I don’t know about you but YouTube is still a big search engine out there and it’s probably a good idea to get on that platform!

This is a 21-page e-book from But First, Coffee that covers the basics for getting started with a YouTube channel, tips for growing your channel, and more!

4. The Boss Babe’s Guide to Social Media

This 27-page eBook is from With Elizabeth Fein. It’s a book full of social media tips from the experts. You’ll also get access to her private Facebook community and more social media tips in her newsletters.

5. How to Get 1,000 Pinterest Followers in 30 Days

Learn the exact steps and strategies Caitlin Bacher took to get her first 1k Pinterest followers in only 30 days mama!

6. 27 Email Productivity Hacks

After a while email can be a heavy task for a lot of entrepreneurs. All of a sudden, if you miss a couple of hours your inbox is full of emails.

This eBook from Hubspot will give you the hacks to help you be more productive in your day. You’ll learn how to manage your inbox efficiently, filter out those unwanted messages and use templates to write your emails faster.

7. 101 SEO Tips and Tricks to Increase Your Traffic (Fast)!

Do you know anything about SEO? I’m still learning and this eBook by I Wanna Be a Blogger will help you out.

You’ll learn how to optimize your blog with on-page SEO strategies, the right keywords to use for a lot of traffic, and how to promote your posts effectively.

8. The Beginner’s Guide to Branding

Did you know that Creative Market has an awesome free eBook to help you get your brand on?

This eBook will give you inspiring examples and templates to help you get your branding on the right foot. Topics include:

  • What branding is
  • How to figure out an effective name for your product or service
  • How to design a strong visual identity
  • How to choose an ideal color palette and typography
  • and more

9. 5 Days to Build Your Blog Following

This 20-page eBook from Jamie Delaine will help you set up your blog, create content, share your content, schedule your content and analyze your following.

10. The ABC of Copywriting

This eBook is a compilation of blog posts on the ABC Copywriting blog. There’s also several sections that were written specifically for this eBook.

You’ll learn:

  • Proven persuasion techniques
  • The magic ingredient for an effective headline
  • How to write compelling call-to-actions
  • How to use ‘weasel’ words to bend the truth
  • and more

11. Swipe Files for Lazy Copywriters

There are 20 chapters with over 2,000 swipes of persuasive copy like sales letters, blog posts, ads, articles and more.

These swipe files are great if you have writer’s block and can’t think of anything inspiring. Use these swipe files to ignite creative copy.

12. How to Write Killer Content That Sells

This eBook will help you communicate your vision better, how to convert prospects into customers, how to write persuasive copy and how to create engaging blog posts.

13. 75 Ways to Help Your Brand Stand Out

This eBook is from By Regina and it will help you get your brand out there and stand out from every other blogger out there.

It’s a 80-page guide with tips and more!

14. Transform Your Blog in 7 Days

This eBook is from Ika Webb and she breaks down the important things that goes into getting your blog to the next level. There are worksheets, tasks and printables to help you out!


Wow! There is a lot of awesome and great eBooks out there for you to grab and start learning from. I suggest you pick just a couple that will align with your blogging goals!

Now it’s your turn – do you have a free eBook that can help out bloggers? Post the link in your comments!

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