11 Helpful YouTube Channels for Mompreneurs

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11 Youtube Channels for Mompreneurs

Hi there mamas!

I thought I’d do something fun and free for you mamas! Who doesn’t like Youtube? I don’t know about you, but before I became a blogger and freelance writer, I watched a lot of YouTube videos! There are so many awesome YouTube channels for mom bloggers, beauty gurus, fashion gurus and more.

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Once I had blogs to run and clients to keep happy, I for

got about YouTube for a while – until  I started watching webinars.

Since webinars are hosted on YouTube, some bloggers keep their webinars open so you can watch them any time. As well, if you listen to some podcasts, some podcasts are also on YouTube! Go figure.

It’s like the end-all place for your content and since YouTube is it’s own search engine, it can help you grow your blog mama!

For today’s post I’ve listed 11 YouTube channels for mompreneurs. These channels have awesome video lessons to help you grow your blog and business and since they are all videos, it’s easy for a mama to consume!

1. The Rule Breaker’s Club with Courtney Johnston

Courtney Johnston of the Rule Breaker’s Club is a copywriter for a lot of influencer bloggers and she’s an awesome teacher too!

Her YouTube channel is like her blog but in video from! Yay! She has awesome videos to help you with your marketing. One of my favorite videos is about 8 magic works that make people want to buy!

I revamped my sales page based on these 8 words.

2. Blogging + Business Strategies From the Unofficial Nerd of GirlBosses with Allison Lindstrom

Allison Lindstrom is an amazing blogger to help you grow your blog and business. With courses and free resources like her YouTube Channel, you won’t have trouble finding the answers you need.

Allison puts out a video weekly so don’t miss her videos. One video that totally helped me boost my productivity is this one about removing the Facebook news feed on your wall.

3. Creative Biz Advice with Holly Castro

Holly Castro is a brand coach and designer and her videos are gorgeous! I stumbled on her vlogs when I was searching for branding advice. Holly has a lot of design videos, but also blogging videos like how to write the perfect about page for your blog.

The video I enjoyed the most was how to design your own branded website buttons using Canva.

4. Ms. Ileane Smith Speaks

I love Ileane’s blog, Basic Blog Tips. It’s full of advice just for newbies. I knew she had a YouTube channel, but for some reason just thought she was vloging about YouTube! So, when I checked out her channel, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ileane has so many awesome vlogs and what I love about her channel are the technical vlogs. When I was researching about Facebook Live, her video popped up on how to do a Facebook live from your desktop.

5. Melyssa Griffin

Don’t you just love Melyssa Griffin? I’m in her Facebook group and love her Facebook Live streams. Her YouTube channel doesn’t have a lot of videos, but there’s a lot of content. Take a look at see what you like!

6. The Blog Beautician with Dana

Dana of the Wonder Forest has an active blog and community and a YouTube Channel. Her vlog has some great videos to help you with your blog. I love her take on how to choose colors for your blog and brand.

7. White Glove Social Media with Anna Bennett

Anna Bennett of White Glove Social Media is literally the queen of marketing on Pinterest. I’m just learning about her and she has a wealth of knowledge to help you out! And her YouTube channel is no different!

Check out her tips on optimizing your Pinterest profile for Pinterest’s search engines.

8. Holly McCaig Creative

Holly McCaig is everywhere! Her blog, Podcast and YouTube channel is filled with just awesomeness. Her thing is branding and helping creatives with their business. She’s down to earth and is just totally personable!

I haven’t checked out all her vlogs but her one on how to create an eBook for profit is a series that I want to see.

9. ByRegina

Regina of ByRegina is all over Pinterest! I’ve been following her for a while now and I had no idea she had a YouTube channel!

Her channel has masterclass videos as well as interviews from experts. Here’s a webinar on how to make money online!

10. Brittany Bullen

Brittany is a self-proclaimed Nerd Girl and I love her spunky personality. She’s really great at marketing too! Her YouTube channel is an extension of her blog and she also streams these videos in her Facebook group so you don’t miss out on her wisdom

She asks, do you need to lose weight before you brand yourself? Find out her answer.

11. Brilliant Business Moms

How can I NOT mention Beth Anne of Brilliant Business Moms in any of my posts lately She’s a force to be reckoned with for sure. From her podcast to your blog to her YouTube channel, she gives you more then enough to help you build your brilliant business!

What I’ve been enjoying are her ConvertKit tutorials. I actually signed up for ConvertKit over Black Friday and am learning how to use it. I’m not totally convinced on deliverablilty using CK, but the fact that I can create content upgrades without my hubby’s help, is a definite advantage.

YouTube it Up!

As a mom to twins, I’m super busy. I find podcasts and vlogs much easier to consume on busy days. So go get your YouTube on and check out these awesome lady bosses.

Tell me which vlog you like the most!